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PRECEPTECH builds products
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SOLSIM simulates the resources of the solar system. Visit the Moon for ice and Helium 3, visit Asteroids for Metal, convert CO2 to Oxygen on Mars. SOLSIM gives you the syste environment, you do the rest. 
Share tech, trade resources and grow your community. 

Space for Everyone                  

Anyone can learn the ins and outs of building their own spacecraft.Starting with the most basic of cubesats, through to human habitats and all the way to far future megastructures.

Our People

Richard Johanson
Business Strategy, Development and Governance

Passionate about working on big social challenges, improving systems, building resilient communities and human interaction with space.

Luca Santachiara
Space Technology and Systems Engineer

Space, mechanisms are my driving passion and professional focus. I'm an incurable tinkerer who can't get science and technology out of his head. 

Adrian Kougianos
Creative, Marketing & Information Technology

A creative with a passion for business ideas that relate to space, Adrian brings art, design, and ideas to the party.


I have worked with the team at Preceptech for almost a year now and have found them really responsive and helpful. They are fully committed to working hard to satisfy the customers’ needs and have achieved real progress in a short space of time. I would recommend working with them.


Nick Trigg                         

Science and Technologies Facilities Council UK

Preceptech have a clear understanding of the challenges in the design of new products, and they have applied this to the space sector in a highly novel way, offering real benefit to the creation of new platforms. Their software product is easy to use yet brings together complex elements; a potent combination for Space 2.0 innovation


Mike Curtis-Rouse

Satellite Applications Catapult 

Taking an idea to market, requires much more than an idea, more than a technology; it requires people who understand the customer experience, the money needed, where to find it and how to manage it, making the technology fit for market and many other things. The joy of working with Preceptech is they get that, all of that. Will they succeed ? I make no promises, but I do know they are starting from a solid base


Ian Tracey

Anchored In Ltd 

The team at S@SIM have great drive and imagination. They quickly refined their original ideas into a defensible concept. I wish them great success in the future!” 


Don Mclaverty

Venture Logic

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We're a space startup looking to develop space ideas for the benefit of humanity.

Preceptech Ltd.
71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ 

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